23 July 2019

Small insects that can cause a lot of damage: read more about bedbugs here

Bedbugs are becoming a big problem. We come across them in hotels, but also in company buildings and houses. Besides that, we spot an increasement of […]
11 June 2019

Constructions of first container drive-through Spain started!

EWS Spain is constructing a container gas measurement drive-through station in the port of Barcelona. This will be the first gas measurement drive-through in Spain and […]
27 May 2019

EWS Pest control receives the IPM & KPMB certificates again

After a successful audit, EWS Pest control has received the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and KPMB (Keurmerk Plaagdier Management Bedrijven) certificates again this year. The KPMB […]
20 May 2019

Fosfine (ph3) in vacuum packaging cashews

More than 70 percent of all cashews are fumigated with fosfine right before they are packed. The goal of this is to kill stock harming insects. […]