Cockroaches aboard ships

Cockroaches. With over 4,500 species worldwide, they come in all shapes and sizes. But whether the German, Oriental or Brown-banded cockroach, one thing is for sure: an infestation is what you want to stay away from!

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Small insects that can cause a lot of damage: read more about bedbugs here

Bedbugs are becoming a big problem. We come across them in hotels, but also in company buildings and houses. Besides that, we spot an increasement of truck cabins contaminated with bedbugs. An infestation can be an enormous disruption with all following consequences. In hotels, damage to the reputation is an example of this. But how can bedbugs cause so much damage?

Bedbugs live of human blood and are very annoying, because they leave behind itchy bite wounds. You can often recognise the bites of a bedbug when you have a line of bites on the skin. They are called bedbugs, because they mainly live in and around the bed. Think of the mattress, the frame and headboar

d of the bed. This way they can easily bite people in their sleep. The bugs can also move to neighboring rooms or apartments. Besides that, bedbugs can easily be carried from place to place. This is easy for them, because they attach themselves to luggage and clothes.

The bedbug lives of blood and it is a fable that a room with a bedbug infestation is also dirty. The insects can just as well be brought into a spotless hotel via a guest. It is never the hotels fault that the bedbugs entered. However, the hotel can and must do everything it can to control the infestation. A bedbug infestation is very persistent and that is why it is wise to hire a professional for the control. EWS Pest control tackles bedbugs in a professional and effective way. Would you like to know more? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

EWS Pest control receives the IPM & KPMB certificates again

After a successful audit, EWS Pest control has received the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and KPMB (Keurmerk Plaagdier Management Bedrijven) certificates again this year. The KPMB certificate shows that EWS is a specialized organisation of high quality. EWS Group also meets the requirements of ‘Rat control around buildings and food storage areas’.

Cluster flies: harmless, but bothersome!

Spring is here and it’s starting to get warmer. That’s nice, but it also brings along bother with cluster flies.

Life stages

The cluster fly looks much like a usual fly. The cluster fly is a bit longer. The colour of the fly is brown-grey and its breast is covered in gold hairs. In the different life stages (egg-larvae-pop-adult), the cluster fly changes a lot. The females lay eggs under the ground, these eggs hatch within three days in the summer. After hatching, the larvae actively search for earthworms. Once they found one, they drill a hole in them and eat them from the inside. As soon as the worm died, the larvae will pop under the ground. It is common for cluster flies to have two generations per year, but if it is very hot in summer, they can also have as much as four. Adults feed with the nectar of flowers.


The cluster fly thanks his name to the fact that they winter in swarms of possibly a thousand flies. They do this in the tops of buildings in covered places, like corners and cracks. In spring, when it’s slowly starting to lighten up and get warmer, the flies awake and are attracted by the light. They will mainly hang around the building they wintered in. After a couple of weeks they leave the building. The cluster flies can be very bothersome, because they are never alone, but always in a swarm. That is why we recommend getting rid of them by a professional in pest control.


Cluster flies are harmless, but they can be very bothersome in big numbers. They sit on windows in swarms for example (because they are attracted by light). EWS Pest control is your professional in fighting the cluster fly. We do this by performing a seams and cracks treatment. This means that, in autumn, we spray an insecticide on every possible entrance in the top of the building. Consequently, flies that are looking for cover and try to get In, will be killed instantly. To prevent any fly from surviving, we always carry out a second treatment in spring. This way, the flies that come out after wintering are also killed.

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Perfect combination: Xignal trap and EWS Portal

More and more companies choose for mice and rat control by means of the smart Xignal trap. What makes this trap so convenient?

  • 24/7 monitoring and a real time overview in the EWS Portal;
  • A direct update when a trap has shut (with or without catch);
  • An immediate overview of which trap has sprung on the map;
  • In case of a catch, immediate action can be taken.

Combination with EWS Portal

The Xignal trap is a digital trap. It works best in combination with our EWS Portal. Through LoRa, the status of the trap is directly communicated to the Portal. This way, you can immediately see it when a trap has shut and if there is or isn’t a catch. On the map you can also see which trap in which place has shut.

More information

Would you like to have more information about our Xignal traps? And are you curious about how Xignal can work for your company? Please don’t hesitate to contact us! We are happy to help you. For more information, go to: