Port Quarantine Services SrL established today

EWS Group (Eco Worldwide Solutions Srl.) Italy and Spediporto / Spediservices join forces in PQS Group (Port Quarantine services Srl.).

PQS Group is a cooperation between EWS Group Italy and Spediservices, offering quarantine services in multiple port areas in Italy. Gas measurement, fumigation, BMSB-treatments and many more belong to the broad spectrum of services PQS Group provides.

To celebrate the launch, PQS Group is starting with a special promotion in the port of Genua! Do you have containers arriving in this port? Then you’re in luck. From the 6th to the 10th of may PQS Group is doing free gas measurement demonstrations! Interested? Contact Marta Mottin on +39 348 26 84 121 or send an email to info@pqs-group.it


EWS Group is an IMFO member!

We are proud to announce that EWS Group is now a member of the International Maritime Fumigation Organization (IMFO)! IMFO is an organisation that aims at:

  • World-wide standards for in-transit fumigation of stored product insects in all life-stages.
  • World-wide coordinated service of results in accordance with United Nations International Maritime Organisations (IMO) recommendations.

We are glad that we can help to reach these goals with our high quality services!

EWS is expanding with fungus clean-up!

Badly ventilated crawl spaces and basements can facilitate the development of wood harming fungi, due to long-term humidity.

This results in a lot of damage, financially and materially. Moreover, fungi and moulds are detrimental to our health. Because of these reasons, it is important to control these fungi and moulds.

EWS Group offers several adequate solutions for this. Want to know more? Go to: fungus clean-up.