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Bird control

When thinking about harm or damage caused by pests we usually don’t initially think of bird damage. However, experience has taught us that birds can cause a huge amount of damage. Which types of birds? This can include wild domestic pigeons, starlings, corvids and gulls.

Certain types of birds can cause a lot of hindrance, because of which certain control measures may be required. EWS Fauna management has many years of experience in drawing up control plans to take on, among others, rooks, jackdaws, gulls and other types of birds.

Problems include:
Health risks
Birds can transfer a large number of pathogens onto people.

Contamination and harming image
Bird excrement, especially in large amounts, literally taint buildings. It’s even possible that thecarefully built-up image of a company is harmed because of this.

Damage to buildings
Bird excrement contains substances that cause corrosion to various building materials. The excrement also forms an attractive breeding ground for harmful insects and mites.

Noise and odour nuisance
Birds can cause sleepless nights with their incessant noise.

The method to permanently keep pigeons or other birds off buildings and other structures is affixing inhibition systems made especially for this purpose. The most used systems are included in one of the following categories:

  • Pin systems
  • Net systems
  • Electrical systems
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