EWS offers you a complete service package for gas measurements, gas measurement reports and ventilating containers and confined spaces.

Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI&E)
A thorough risk inventory and evaluation is the foundation
for the right measuring approach, structurally helping
prevent unnecessary health risks.

Gas measurement and reporting
By default, the analysis is carried out for all possible
present control and production gases as instructed by
the national inspection services. After every measurement
a gas measurement report is immediately drawn up.

Fast identification thanks to our mobile gas

Our mobile gas laboratory allows for instant, fast and
correct analysis of gas samples on site. In a matter of
minutes, the measuring result and the safety assessment
are unambiguously known. The gas laboratory identifies
and detects over 400 gases and vapors and is also
able to detect them accurately after calibration by our
measurement specialists. Reports to the customer are
drawn up digitally and in real-time.

Controlled ventilation
The ventilation of containers with too high concentrations
of gas is done quickly, efficiently and safely. If desired
ventilation can even be carried out at packaging level.

Eliminating pesticide residue
The expert removal of fumigation residue with phosphine
for instance, in accordance with the applicable law and

Training and education
EWS is an acknowledge training institute, certified for
administering the ‘Middelbaar Gasmeetkundige’ (MGK,
Secondary Gas Measuring Expert) exam. In addition,
EWS gives so-called Awareness trainings. Purpose of this
training is to create awareness concerning the risks when
unloading a container.