Because of measures taken by the Quarantine Departments of Australia and New-Zealand against the brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB), incoming cargo has to be treated against this insect. Otherwise the risk of the BMSB spreading and causing damage to crops, fruits and ornamental trees is big. Cargo shipped between September the 1st in 2019 and May the 31st in 2020 (these dates included) has to be treated. The mandatory measures apply to target cargo shipped from all ports in the USA, as well as any European ports which load cargo manufactured or stored in Italy after the beginning of the high-risk season.

The target cargo includes new and used vehicles, vessels and high-risk machinery and parts. All containerized goods via sea cargo from Italy to Australia and New Zealand also have to be treated against the BMSB.
There are two different methods of treatment. EWS offers both. The first method is fumigation. By fumigating the affected cargo, the BMSB is killed effectively.

The second method is heat treatment. To learn more about this method, go to: heat treatment – BMSB