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Gas Measurement

Statutory limits
About four million containers enter Europe annually via the Dutch and Belgian port network. Approximately 12% of these containers contain gases and vapour that are above the statutory limits. Partly thanks to the efforts of EWS, we have been seeing a drop of this excessive percentage. This is a direct consequence of the close cooperation between the recipients of large container loads for which EWS investigated the source of contamination.

Producing countries are given specific information about which steps they can take to ensure that we in Europe receive containers that are safe to enter. EWS believes that the problem needs to be solved here and offers its customers information and clear reports to achieve this. In case of product flow with risks that cannot be solved, due to, for instance, specific product properties EWS can draw up a protocol to still ensure safe treatment of the goods.

This results in a win/win situation that saves costs but especially guarantees the safety of the employees.

There is also direct contact between EWS and fumigation businesses across the world to ensure that risks are also limited here. It is a fact that containers are fumigated, but sufficient ventilation before the cross to Europe is unfortunately not.

Our employees are at your service every day to guarantee a safe workplace for you and your employees.

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EWS Portal
You as a EWS customer have round the clock access to our specially developed software. This makes closely checking and sending your product flow a piece of cake. On the basis of a measurement protocol personally drawn up by our specialists, an automatic selection of the containers that need to be measured is carried out.

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