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Low Oxygen Treatment

A non-toxic, safe, and environmentally friendly treatment of your organic (bulk) goods in case of infestation by insects or pests.

What can we protect for you?

A low oxygen treatment is suitable for a wide range of organic soft commodities. Ask for the possibilities for your type of goods!









A reliable link in the organic chain

A final product on the shelves can only be called organic if all the steps in the chain have been organic. This means that transportation, storage, and processing must also take place in an organic manner.

Mobile Low Oxygen Solution

Our mobile solution for low oxygen treatments creates a world of possibilities. Not only is the location flexible, but the dimensions of (bulk) goods have few restrictions. It offers room for, for example, bulk commodities, boxes, big bags, packaged goods, and pallets. The mobile installation can treat up to 4 loads of 500 tons each, which plays into flexibility and convenience.

Elimination of Transport Problems

Efficient Treatment of Larger Volumes

(< 500 ton per batch)

Safe Access to the Warehouse During Treatment

Up to Four Different Parties Connected by One Generator

The Low Oxygen Treatment

A non-toxic, safe, and environmentally friendly treatment for your bulk goods? EWS treats both preventively and curatively in a biological way. A successful treatment is determined by the right ratio of the variables temperature, oxygen, and time. This kills insects at all stages of development without the use of toxic products! A low oxygen treatment is thus an alternative to conventional non-organic fumigation and is a solution for unwanted infestation of organic goods by insects or pests.


Insects effectively controlled at all stages of development.


Your treated goods are free of toxic residues.

Organic Certificate

Your organic goods maintain their organic certification.

Multiple Mobile Chambers

Your raw materials, whether bulk or packaged, treated all at once.

More information

For more information about our low oxygen treatment, you can call or contact us via the form.


EWS Bio treatment specializes in preventive and curative treatment of insects and pests in a biological manner. A low oxygen treatment, a hot air treatment, and a combination of vacuum technology and MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) are examples of these poison gas-free, environmentally friendly treatment methods. Effective and durable!

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