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Bedbugs are becoming a big problem. We come across them in hotels, but also in company buildings and houses. Besides that, we spot an increasement of truck cabins contaminated with bedbugs. An infestation can be an enormous disruption with all following consequences. In hotels, damage to the reputation is an example of this. But how can bedbugs cause so much damage?

Bedbugs live of human blood and are very annoying, because they leave behind itchy bite wounds. You can often recognise the bites of a bedbug when you have a line of bites on the skin. They are called bedbugs, because they mainly live in and around the bed. Think of the mattress, the frame and headboar

d of the bed. This way they can easily bite people in their sleep. The bugs can also move to neighboring rooms or apartments. Besides that, bedbugs can easily be carried from place to place. This is easy for them, because they attach themselves to luggage and clothes.

The bedbug lives of blood and it is a fable that a room with a bedbug infestation is also dirty. The insects can just as well be brought into a spotless hotel via a guest. It is never the hotels fault that the bedbugs entered. However, the hotel can and must do everything it can to control the infestation. A bedbug infestation is very persistent and that is why it is wise to hire a professional for the control. EWS Pest control tackles bedbugs in a professional and effective way. Would you like to know more? Don’t hesitate to contact us!