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The brown-banded cockroach often has a maroon colour and a light transverse stripe on the breastplate and abdomen. In terms of appearance they look a lot like the German cockroach. They are about 10 to 15 mm long, excluding their antennas, the wings are well-developed and they can fly. The egg package is pale to red-brown in colour and contains about 16 eggs on average.

What causes cockroaches?
The cockroaches that occur in buildings originate from the tropics and can hide in the packaging of tropical products. In addition, cockroaches can be found in packing boxes, boxes from the supermarket, second-hand goods / household appliances and eve rented videotapes. Cockroaches can also simply ‘hitch-hike’ with clothes or luggage, for instance after the vacation.

In the Netherlands, the brown-banded cockroach is often found in houses and apartment buildings. Another name for the brown-banded cockroach is the house cockroach or furniture cockroach. They need a high temperature of about 26 C°. Like all cockroaches they are undesired, because they contaminate food and can transmit bacteria and fungal spores. They spread an unpleasant odour and are a big nuisance due to the great numbers in which they can exist.

Brown Banded Cockroaches can move very quickly, even across the ceiling, walls and other surfaces. They are less light-shunning than the other species and also live in dryer and higher places. They prefer to feed on food that is rich in starch. In addition, the brown-banded cockroach likes to eat the glue in books and, for instance, of wallpaper. Shelters can be behind paintings, wallpaper, books and in furniture. They can even survive in a clean, hygienic environment. The reason for this is that adult cockroaches can last 40 days without food! If your house is very dirty, the cockroach will thrive and reproduce very quickly due to the abundance of food.

Prevention: How do I repel the cockroach?
Check your goods for cockroaches before you take them into your home; Properly ventilate your house and don’t raise the temperature too high. The cockroach is comfortable at a temperature of 26 C°.   Store your food and waste properly so that cockroaches can’t reach them.   If you use canisters, that prevents other vermin to reach your food as well. Clean your kitchen frequently and thoroughly. Seal cracks, seams and conduit openings of pipes.

After a thorough inspection and inventory of the relevant object, a control plan is drawn up. In consultation with users / residents of the building time of action, preparation etc are agreed on. To kill the cockroaches, a bait gel is applied which will be applied to all possible hiding places. These substances, which are permitted by the government, can only be used by control professionals. The people involved will be informed in advance of the measures to be taken.