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Furniture fumigation

Wood destroying insects can cause major damage. The woodworm, longhorn beetle, common furniture beetle and many other specific species of wood destroyers from a threat to the value of your precious furniture.

EWS uses the gas sulfuryl fluoride (SO2f2) to fumigate your furniture, rather than liquid insecticides. Using this method has the major benefit of neutralising insects in all life stages, thus guaranteeing a 100% success rate.

You can bring or ship your furniture or objects that are affected by wood destroying insects to our location in the Netherlands, where we jointly fumigate them with many other objects on each first Friday of the month. This joint procedure helps to limit individual costs. All furniture and other objects that are about to be fumigated are first placed in a gas-tight container, after which the container is filled with gas with a two-day induction period. Upon completion, the furniture is ventilated until the residual gas concentrations is measured below allowable limit values.

Relying on our vast experience and professionally trained staff members, better known as Fumigation Experts, EWS Fumigation is your ideal partner for all fumigation work!

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